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CARE — Central Arkansas Rescue Effort for Animals

CARE was established in 1998 for the dual purpose of rescuing abandoned dogs and cats facing euthanasia as well as to provide programs to help people get their pets sterilized.

Our Mission:
To conduct animal rescue by providing medical care and placing animals facing impending euthanasia into foster and permanent homes, to increase awareness for the need to spay/neuter all pets, establish
a mobile spay/neuter clinic, and to work with and advise animal shelters
in central Arkansas on animal issues.

CARE Headquarters                                                                                            
(in the Heights area)                                                 
5516 Kavanaugh
Little Rock, Arkansas 72217-7604

Phone:  501-603-CARE (2273)

CARE Mailing Address                                              
P.O. Box 7604                                                        

Little Rock, AR 72207


(Feline Rescue and Rehome)

Our Mission...

Is to rescue cats that have been abused, abandoned or surrendered to shelters that practice euthanasia as a means of animal control. We will actively promote and practice trap, alter and release, removing adoptable cats and kittens from feral/stray colonies to be re-homed. To work with other animal lovers and animal welfare groups to provide humane education and assistance to the public, encouraging them to spay and neuter their pets. To provide loving care, medical attention, socialization, and ultimately place all adoptable cats in loving homes.


P.O. Box 250567

Little Rock, AR 72225

You can email us at   or phone us at 501-661-0956.

Emails are typically answered sooner.

Mission Statement:      We at Out Of The Woods believe that all domesticated animals regardless of their size, breed or color deserve to have a loving home. Our mission is to help abused and homeless animals in situations where no other help is available to them.


Contact us:

14600 Colonel Glenn Road · Little Rock, AR 72210 · USA
501/227-6166 · Fax: 501/223-8383   ·

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