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The Feline Finders

We offer expert advice and instruction to help in the recovery of your lost cat.

Complete Phone Consultations

Many pets are reunited with their owners through the use of our phone consultation services. We will conduct a complete and in-depth, escape scenario analysis including aerial photo imaging and a Feline Behavioral Profile of your pet, it’s temperament and history. The Pet Detective then supplies you with proven strategies and techniques that help you find your lost cat. Unlimited follow-up phone consultations, text and emails are included.

Available nationwide.


Cost: $100.00

Lost Pet Searches with Pet Tracking K-9’s

We always start each search at the point last seen or point of escape. A scent article is collected from your pet’s bedding, brush or collar. Then, employing the Pet Tracking K-9’s, we follow the scent trail and perform a thorough search in all possible areas, determine direction of travel and conduct scent scans and location checks where possible sightings are noted. The Feline Finders will make every attempt to locate the trail out of the territory and recover your lost cat. We will travel to your location to conduct the area search.

Available nationwide.


Cost: Varies – depending on location.
Please contact The Feline Finders for cost information.

Flyer Distribution and Poster Placement

We will help pass out flyers in your neighborhood and distribute large posters in high traffic areas. This is the #1 activity that can aid in getting your cat back. This service is recommended to all pet owners missing a lost pet. You must provide 50 pre-printed 8 ½ x 11 flyers and 20 neon posters for placement.

Available to Little Rock, AR and surrounding cities.


Cost: $50.00 plus travel expenses.

Trap & Reunite

The Feline Finders will provide a humane trap and give detailed instructions, based on your cats behavioral analysis, on how to safely and successfully trap your lost cat.

Available to Little Rock, AR and surrounding cities.


Cost: $100/one trap for 2 weeks.

Shelter Checks

Checking at the area animal shelters is an important step in the search for your lost cat. Unfortunately, their hours of operation are during normal business working hours. The Feline Finders will conduct two, in person shelter checks per week. We can provide you confirmation that your beloved pet is not on Death Row.

Available to Little Rock, AR and surrounding cities.


Cost: $50.00 per week/two shelter checks.

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